• Ballet Flat Saleem Shahi Khussa 5038 Gold Indian Juti Jooti Mojari Shieno Sarees


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    Jooti Mojari

    The Original India

    Beautiful ballet Flat Traditional Indian flat shoes Mojri/Jooti for wedding or formal parties.

    These are sized to be worn in the traditional style, very tight fitting with your toes all the way to the tip of the shoe.
    Indian Slippers handmade.
    Very popular around the world and go by many different names : Indian Juti, Jooti, Mojri, khussa, Punjabi jootti.

    They do not have a 'left' or a 'right' foot - you just have to decide on one!!
    They always feel a little bit tight at the start and will stretch very quickly in a wear or two. 
    Once they take the shape of your toe, you will be able to tell which one is left and right.

    Unique addition in your shoe wardrobe. Great fancy shoes for dancing.

    Material: Synthetic

    Beautifully hand crafted in a classic Indian pattern. 

    Because of hand crafted, size variations are possible.

    #5035  Size 14 Golden color, Max.Length 10.5” Max.Width 3.5”

    #5036  Size 15 Golden color, Max.Length 11.0” Max.Width 3.75”

    #5037  Size 16 Golden color, Max.Length 11.25” Max.Width 3.75”

    #5038  Size 17 Golden color, Max.Length 11.5” Max.Width 3.75”

    All sizes are approx. from half to an inch more or less than the given measurement.

    Free shipping in US. Other countries shipping charge applicable.

    stock # 005035 - 5038

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