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    (5) Five Silver bead flowers, pipe and round silver beads used.

    Size: Diameter  One and three quarter inches.( 1.75" )

    Change the look of your purses, sandals, cushions, or any other object , just by fixing there wonderful silver bead flowers. Fix them using adhasives or sew them, look beautiful. Can be used on garments as well.

     An easy way to transform your purses and sandals from ordinary to special ones.

    Flowers of purse and sandals are for demonstration purpose only, Purse & Sandal are not for purchase

    For more than five, send an email to Sitara.

    Golden bead flowers also available. Look in the picture gallery.

    Scarf purse and sandals are for styling purpose, not included with flower purchase.

    All sizes are approx. from half to an inch more or less than the given measurement.

    Free shipping in US. Other countries shipping charge applicable.

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