• Classy Chic in Hand-Embroidered Scarves

    There is a special feeling you get when you wear something that has been made with the personal touch of an artisan’s hands. The Phulkari scarves in Shieno’s collection are reminiscent of the cottage-industry days of India where women sit in open courtyards and meticulously embroider magnificent floral patterns.

    Phulkari scarves come in tones that range from light and cool to deeply moody and sober colors. This style of hand-embroidery done on scarves and stoles/wraps is highly priced for it’s intricate designs in beautiful colors done with delicate needlework.

    Whether you’re wearing a casual jeans and cotton top or a summer dress, a Phulkari scarf thrown around the neck or over the shoulders, immediately adds a touch of classy chic to your look. And for those chilly summer evenings, a wrap beautifully embroidered with Phulkari flowers nicely compliments the look of any outfit while keeping you in that beautiful spring mood.

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