• Colors of Valentine

    Valentine’s day is a universal day of love and friendship. And everyone finds their own unique way to express their love on Valentine's Day.

    One of my friends likes decorating her office space with holiday themes. So in February she’ll decorate her cube with roses, hearts, and cute little cuddly teddy bears. Of course, it’s my favorite month of the year to drop by her desk because she always has chocolates for visitors!

    I myself like celebrating the love of Valentine’s day by filling my wardrobe with all beautiful hues and shades of Valentine colors —reds, pinks, and every shade within. It’s like my own spirit-wear month! Nothing makes my day more than waking up in the morning, stepping into my closet and being greeted with the heart-warming colors of love. Mix-and-match a red tunic top with a white polka dot scarf, add a Ruby red bracelet around the wrist, ground it with a solid black ballerina slipper or some plain white trousers and you’re all set to spread the love of Valentine everywhere you go.

    So of course I have put together a Valentine’s collection in my store. Check out Shieno’s Valentine collection and discover great pieces you can mix-and-match. Tunic-top Kurtis with scarves, or if it’s still chilly where you are, perhaps a wrap shawl, paired with red earrings and a bead bracelet. And if you like a classic look, add a red crystal flower brooch pin (pin it to the left where you heart is!).

    Nothing says elegance and beauty more than a classic red saree. has a handful of red sarees, pink sarees, and sarees in all other shades to match your Valentine’s day spirit.

    So go on ladies, splash your wardrobe with some red and pink this Valentine. See my collection at Shieno's Valentine Collection and have fun mixing and matching. You’ll be sure to be greeted with hugs and warm smiles everywhere you go. 

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